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godfrey lam

Creative Director

  Godfrey Lam is the creative director of the studio. He has been educated in HongKong , the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. He majored in Architecture at Columbia University in New York. Godfrey has never been following the trend, with stunning original design and bold ideas, it has charmed the design industry again and again.

  In the United States for more than 20 years, he has served in many offices such as I.M.Pei , Rockwell Group and HOK Asia Pacific. He has participated in the design of projects from North America to Asia, including the 2009 Oscar awards stage, which President Trump’s New York Hotel, the restaurants are named by Michelin chef Alain Ducasse in New York and Washington.

  His experience originated from the West style into the East, and he skillfully blends his technical skills with the eastern cultural elements. His design has both cultural acumen and global advantages.

Godfrey Lam

Studio Founder

  Bryce Cai has educated a variety of art forms since childhood, and has been influenced by dance,drama, folk instruments,painting and other fields. As a new generation of designers,he has penetrating insight of trends and art.Because his father had been in business for a long time, Bryce has been running his own industry since his student days,including bars , restaurants ,experiences & places,and has a keen insight into the service industry.

  After graduating from an international school,he has served in many well-known overseas interior and TOP10 global architectural firms and served as senior interior designer and manager.Has more than 10 years of experience in interior design,FF&E design,product design ,art consultant.In APAC, he has participated in the design and construction of several high-end residences , shopping malls ,luxury hotels ,Michelin restaurants ,bar & clubs and other projects. The space designed by Bryce has been used as a location in many film and television dramas and movies ,and began to participate in cross-over cooperation of major brands in 2018,and released the first Glam series of carpets in Design Shanghai 2019.

  At the same time,Bryce participated in multiple TV shows in the form of guests, judges, etc., and was popular among the audience. In daily life, Bryce isn’t just an interior designer. In the meantime, he is a slash youth for performance and fashion industry as well. 

Bryce Cai

Studio Founder

Bryce Cai

Design Director

Our story

Studio Glam


Studio Glam was established in 2017 by two designer Godfrey Lam and Bryce Cai.  In 2013, Godfrey moved from New York to Shanghai for work. During a party among designers , Godfrey met Bryce, they found out they have similar aesthetic standard and similar design concept .After that , both of them decided to cooperate and create Studio Glam .

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